Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Local Midwife!

This post is from Maryn Leister who has just opened her midwifery practice in the Verde Valley! If you have any questions, check out her website at

Another Option for Homebirthers in the Verde Valley!!

I am excited to announce the opening of a new midwifery practice that caters to the women of Northern Arizona--Red Rock Midwifery. I began my study of midwifery years ago and founded this practice for the same reason. I believe in options for birthing women, and more distinctly, I believe in women having a range of choices when birthing at home. I see being a midwife as this delicate blend of knowledge, compassion, service and intimacy with the women and families I attend. There is a midwife for every woman, and so it is with joy that I make available another option.

So, what's different about me, or the care I provide, you might ask? When beginning this path, I was rooted strongly in knowing all I can, using it when necessary, but also in providing women with the information to make their own choices. I'd like to think I am the kind of midwife that will leave you more informed, and therefore more confident and empowered then you may have realized you were--all the while feeling safe and protected with the love, attention and skill you receive and observe from me.

I am dedicated to women, and to babies. I am not a "practice" in the medical sense of the word--every visit I make to you, before, during and after birth, is in the comfort of your own home. I make every effort to get to know your family and your life, so that my presence at your sacred birth is unobtrusive and welcome. In every sense of the word, I strive to be "with woman"--the true meaning of "midwife".

For more information, Maryn Leister, LM can be reached at:

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  1. Yeah, Maryn is licensed!!! She has definately earned it. Apprenticeship is a difficult journey to complete. Thank you for your follow through, Maryn, for this much needed service in our area. Thank you, Cindy, for spreading the word.


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