Thursday, February 5, 2009

Celebrate Valentine's Day with the Kids

Let's celebrate Valentine's Day with the kids at A Scoop Above in Cottonwood. It is located on Main Street in the same building as The Gingerbread House and opposite the Dairy Queen. A Scoop Above serves home-made Gelatto - a creamy ice cream treat - in assorted flavors. Scoops are only $1 each and children under 5 get one free scoop with any purchase. They have a playroom with assorted books and toys and an electric choo-choo that runs along the ceiling! It's a great place to play and enjoy a treat!

If we want to have the playroom all to ourselves, they can reserve the room for us with a $25 spending minimum (total) and a limit of 17 people, including both adults and kids. I need a head count and a commitment so that we know we will meet the $25 minimum (figure around just $3-5 per person with the kids eating free) before I make a reservation. Otherwise we can just meet informally but the playroom will be open to anyone else who comes in.

We will plan to meet on Wednesday, February 11 at 2pm. Please RSVP by email to my BabyWearinMom address at Yahoo! or by phone with the number of adults (technically, anyone 5 years old and older that you will be paying for!) and the number of children under 5 by Monday, 2/9. Call me with questions at 567-4600.

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